About the Author

A young Talyn Rand sat in his cluttered office, surrounded by stacks of paper and empty coffee cups. The pungent scent of stale coffee filled the room, mingling with the musty smell of old books. Rays of sunlight filtered through the dusty windows, casting a warm glow on his desk. He smiled contently as he looked at the computer screen, the bright words on the screen like a beacon of accomplishment. Writing had been an assignment to be completed in high school, but now it was his passion.

The 30,000 words he had written in just one week were evidence of that, a testament to his dedication and love for storytelling. With each passing day, he added more to his novel, eagerly watching the word count climb higher and higher. After only a week and a half, he had finished 20 chapters and over 86,000 words. It was time for him to take a deep breath and begin the daunting task of editing. But for now, he allowed himself to revel in the joy of creating something new, basking in the warmth of his own imagination and hard work.

Talyn has a background in Information Technology, corporate audio video, and systems engineering. He is currently editing his first novel which he hopes will be available for purchase online by mid-year.

He resides in a city close to a mile high in the USA.