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Why should I Join a Big Ticket Network Marketing Business Like Global Resorts Network?

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Many of us have been involved in a small ticket network marketing operation in our pasts. We learned how to train our prospects, how our products worked and how to find new members. Some were basically good experiences and some not so much. However, I would not be writing this if it any worked out like I was told they would.

One major problem with small ticket network marketing businesses is just that, small ticket. While there are a huge variety of products to market most are $50 to $100 items that you don’t really make much on. You have to move a lot of product to see any real profits after expenses.

The other major problem with small ticket network marketing businesses is with the compensation plans. You need to have built a huge “down-line” to make a decent payout from month to month. Most people don’t last long enough to benefit them, or you for that matter. The drop-out rate is so high, some at 95%, that you end up spending all your time in a vicious cycle that some never recover from. You get burnt out.

Most MLM compensation plans you only average a small return, $5, for each person in your organization. Therefore, if you had 100 people in that same organization you bring in $500. This is unlikely to be sustainable since people usually start leaving after their first month unless they see results and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

Now, let’s consider a big ticket program like Global Resorts Network (GRN). For every sale you make in GRN you will earn $1000. And if that person makes a sale, you will also earn $1000.

So, if you had 5 people in your direct organization in GRN who made just two sales per week you would make $500k/year just from their sales! Imagine that…only a few people to deal with and train all making a real income from just a few sales a week.

When you bring people into a big ticket program like GRN the price alone tends to weed out the tire kickers and whiners. You can be sure they are going to much more serious about their business due to the up-front costs. That is not a bad thing!

One question you may get when people are considering getting started is: Aren’t big ticket program like GRN hard to sell? The simple answer to that question is: Selling is hard for most people and with the right marketing, as with any good product, is that it is as easy to sell a high ticket opportunity as it is a small ticket opportunity.

The main focus has to be on establishing enough value in the opportunity. A person will buy many high ticket things in their life. Homes, boats, kitchen remodels, cars, big screen TV. Most people will have no issue paying the price for something if they can see the value it offers.

You will probably have to talk to far fewer people, spend less on advertising, and make far less phone calls to make $1000 with a high ticket opportunity like GRN than you would with a small ticket opportunity that only make you $20. Which would you rather be a part of? I know what my answer is already. What’s yours?
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