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Internet Scams Are A Matter Of Perception

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There are two definite differences of opinions about the veracity of claims made by Global Network Resorts. There are those that work at selling their travel packages and those who have used them, and the flip side by those who were not happy with their dealings with the company. While this is common with many businesses, the age of the internet can either send out misleading, false information in a heartbeat or it can help spread the word, albeit misleading, in the same heartbeat.

While both sides of the issue have salient points with the truth located somewhere in the middle whenever a company is accused of being fraudulent or a scam, it harms their business, often with devastating results. Fortunately, with over 20 years of history in the travel industry Global Network Resort has opened the sale of vacation packages to network marketing and has helped many individuals take the vacation of their dreams while setting them up in their own home based business.

The unfortunate accusations of scams, especially those posted online is that often times many of the facts are misunderstood or left out either by accident or on purpose. For example, with another vacation package company, a former sales associate offered packages for sale on an online auction site. This person sold a high-price package at a vastly discounted price. When the person went to use the package they learned it was not valid as the person they bought it from could not register their certificates with the company since they did not work for them anymore.

When the buyer contacted the company, they had no record of the sale and when they attempted to reach the seller they found they were longer listed with the auction company and information they had supplied was fraudulent. Despite the fact the buyer had made the purchase through an auction and no money was ever paid to the travel company, they went to scam sites and reported the activity as though it was done by the company.

Another way that companies end up on a scam report is if the seller exaggerates the benefits of their travel package or the buyer does not fully understand what they are supposed to be getting with their package level. In some cases when a seller is desperate to make a sale they will say whatever the buyer wants to hear in order to secure their purchase. This misrepresentation or misunderstanding will usually result in a charge of a company selling fraudulent vacation packages.

When companies open the door to internet marketing, there is also a chance they will open the door to charges of fraud. With many individuals authorized to sell vacation packages, and many independent network marketers offering them for sale, the company can provide all the information and training available to make sure the offer to sell packages is completely explained. However, in order for some sales associates to convince someone to sign up under them, they make outrageous “guarantees” about the expected level of income.
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