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Letting Go Of Micro-Managerial Impulses

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  As an entrepreneur you are probably in business to make money.  If you were already wealthy, the odds are good that you would be lounging on a beach with a cold drink, a sea breeze in your face, and not reading this article.  But since you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you are probably on your own when it comes to making a living.  As an entrepreneur you have found the method what most appeals to you: being your own boss and the master of your own destiny.  You might just be starting out, have started out small and perhaps from your back bedroom or out of your garage.  Eventually success smiled on you.   You found that just to keep up with demand you would had to either work around the clock or get another pair of hands and eyes to help ease the burden in order to be profitable and keep your sanity.

  You may have gotten help from a family member or friend but eventually you realized that this “once in a while” kind of assistance, you needed the kind of assistance that was scheduled, hard working, and reliable. It is time to place an ad in the help wanted section of your local paper and look for a someone to share your work load.  In the realm of MLM this may mean finding another associate who can become part of your down line and to whom you can funnel extra business.  This means a person who will punch a clock and work a set schedule.

  Unfortunately this can be a double edged sword.  Those who make the escape from the cubicle jungle do not always make good bosses.  In many cases they make lousy managers since they came from a business that taught them to not play ball and become the team player.   Instead they relied on their instinct as a maverick to become a mover and shaker.  This can impede such a person’s ability to successfuly manage one of more employees becasue it may lead to micro managing.  After all, this is now YOUR business and who knows it better than you and because of this reason there is no room for individual approach or process.  Letting go is a first rate requirement if you want to see your business flourish and your profitability grow by leaps and bound.

  Only by showing your employees that you trust them and their ability to do the job that you hired them for will they truly perform to the full extent of their abilities.  Anything wlse and you will not only insult their intelligence but stifle any sense of ownership they will take of a business aspect.  While trust is always earned, you also need to give it freely unless and until there is a reason to doubt them.  Don’t assume thay are lazy because their approach does not match the you do things.  Accept that as long as they finish projects on time their methods do work.
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