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Ever Said, Explain the Comp Plan to Me Again?

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Have you ever had to ask your sponsor to explain the comp plan of an MLM to you more than once, twice, or even three times before you thought you got it? Even then you still could not explain it to someone yourself. You would drag a prospect in to see your sponsor and he would again explain it to both of you. This is probably one of the most common problems that seem to plague our industry.

When I joined my first MLM I had to sit through a comp plan presentation more than a few times and even brought in a few prospective reps to do the same. When we join a business opportunity we want to earn some extra money and possibly, god willing, escape the cubicle jungle altogether. The furthest thing from our mind was that we would need some sort of accounting degree, although that probably would still not be enough, to understand how I was supposed to get paid.

That’s the million dollar question then, isn’t it? Why are the comp plans of the countless MLMs so hard to understand? Unfortunately, they are trying to keep something hidden from you. Most of the time it is the fact the actual compensation is a pittance. The chances are, if you had a full understanding of the comp plan from the beginning you probably never would have joined the MLM.

Think back to those days of volume requirements, auto ships, rank qualifications, the different legs of your organization, director levels, and “insert term here” and you have a real recipe for failure. Why would someone put up with this kind of confusion? The bottom line is hope and the fact that in many cases you are being prayed on by the person pushing the MLM. Not to say that it is something vicious or conscious on their part. Typically, they are just one step above you, may have had a little success and are doing what their sponsor told them they needed to do. They are desperate to build their organization so they can get a better paycheck at the end of the month.

Back to the hope issue…Unfortunately, many of us are at our wits end and are looking for something else. We hope that this “next thing”, whatever it may be, will get us out of the rat race. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with hope. It can be one of the greatest motivators, but there also needs to be purpose and a plan behind that hope. Many of us are lured by the pitch and given false hope which can be a very dangerous thing. We make rash decisions that we end up regretting when we really find out what we have done.

Back to my point…The unfortunate truth is that for the average person there are not many opportunities to get out of the rat race. To become a franchisee or start a traditional business takes more money that most will ever have and therefore are too expensive to get off the ground. Going back to school is an option for some, but can still be very expensive and time consuming. We have families, mortgages, and bills to pay.

What are we left with? The dream of the MLM. It is a chance for the average person to make it. Finding the one good company with a good structure and a simple pay plan can be challenging, but it is out there. If you think you have found it and the comp plan takes more than about five minutes to go over, RUN!

I have found what I believe is one of the best MLM comp plans around in Global Resorts Network. The comp plan only takes a few minutes to go through and is elegantly simple.
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